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National Award
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World Top Salon
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Our Stylists

Happy Customers

Livia (contrary to popular belief it's not Olivia)

Liv’s got ya covered for all things blonde. She absolutely loves a big transformation, especially those involving hair extensions and countless foils.

Passionate about hair and happy hours you can catch her around the city with friends on the weekends.


Meet Sam, a dedicated mom to her adorable 2-year-old son, Kingston. With a passion for blonding techniques, she’s thrilled to be back in the hair game, teaming up once again with her original partner, Liv. Currently, she’s eagerly working to master the Coveted Hair Co extensions, adding another dimension to her already impressive skill set.

Remi (aka Wemi)

She’s a baddie with blonde dysmorphia & enjoys learning about all things hair. Her favorite is working on lived in blondes with seamless growouts and fashion colors.  She enjoys espresso martinis on the weekends & lives in the gym if she’s not in the salon.


The newest member to the crew. She has been practicing on those creepy mannequin heads daily, but is more than ready to take on clients! You can find her at the beach or snuggling with her 135 pound Rottweiler, Malcolm. We are so so excited for her to join us.


One minute she’s blonde one minute she’s brunette. Taylor is excited to become her own hair boss! She’s a crazy cat lady and loves her two baby kittens. She lives for a night out or just simply looking homeless in sweats.